Embroidery Machines

With so many machines to choose from in our inventory, we can truly customize your shopping experience so that you walk away with exactly the one you need. Whether you want a heavy-duty commercial machine for your business or a light machine to use for your hobby, you will find it here. Would you like to be able to embroider, sew, and quilt on one device? Give us a call, and we’ll walk you through your options. Our staff can answer any questions you have about our various embroidery machines for sale.

Do you want to import your own designs to use in your embroidery projects? We can help you find the machine that will allow you to easily bring in your favorite art. If you would prefer a simpler approach with a good stock of pre-existing designs, many of our machines can meet your needs. Embroidery machines do not need constant care when running. This frees you up for other artful tasks. Some sewing machines also embroider as an extra feature.

Check out our machine and accessory bundles to find a wide variety of customizable sewing options available with certain models. These bundles include everything you need to get started, from Notions storage cases to rotary mats and cutters to Embroidery Thread. Great for beginners to add to one of our fantastic embroidery machines, these packages will give you everything you need for your sewing, quilting, embroidery, or longarm projects or all of the above!

Whether you are an experienced sewer or are new to the world of crafting, we are ready to help you find the embroidery machine that will get you humming along in no time! With dozens of models to consider, there is no doubt that we have one in our inventory just for you. Don’t hesitate to call today and discover which is the best fit for your exact design needs.

Embroidery machines make it easy to add festive patterns, decorative designs, custom letters, and more to your project! You can add your unique style and flair to any piece of fabric with an embroidery machine. Pillowcases, towels, even baseball caps can be adorned with custom designs.

Computerized embroidery machines provide top notch results. Many feature a colorized touch screen that allows you to expand you design capabilities. Zoom in on designs as you stitch to achieve more accurate results. They are easy to use and can be used for both home and business purposes. Some computerized embroidery machines have USB ports to connect a thumb drive or a laptop to your machine so that you can load new designs.

Embroidery machine software allows you to add extra designs to your computerized machine. Designs can be resized, flipped and mirrored! You can even input your own drawings for a truly custom result. Ready-to-use designs from Amazing Designs and Designers Gallery are made just for embroidery machines. They feature designs for a wide range of topics and themes.

When it comes to embroidery machines, Sewing Machines Plus has the best products and service.

We are a family owned company and have been involved in the embroidery business for over 50 years. Our mission is to provide our customers with expert help in order to assist them in making the best purchase for their unique needs.

Major embroidery machine brands like Brother, Janome, Singer, Melco, and more are in stock at our stores in Southern California. Our floor staff consists of advanced and expert sewers who have a wealth of knowledge and skills. They are the ones who answer the phone when you call. They stand ready to help you select the best embroidery machines and supplies to meet your exact needs. They’ll also offer you low blowout pricing, free shipping, and zero-interest financing.